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An Overview of Digital Projection Headlamp Technology

Jun 30-2024

To date, car lights have primarily focused on the principles of non-imaging optics for design, as well as optimizing various performances, such as how to achieve high optical efficiency in increasingl...
30 Jun
Application Scenarios of Automotive Ground Projection Headlamps

Jun 20-2024

Automotive ground projection headlamps offer vibrant colors, high brightness, long lifespan, high efficiency, low energy consumption, compact size, and lamp weight. They are currently in a rapid adopt...
20 Jun
Technology of Automotive Ground Projection Headlamps

Jun 10-2024

Automotive ground projection headlamp, since its inception, it has attracted the attention of a large number of young people. The patterns projected at night not only function as a way to locate the c...
10 Jun
Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Automotive Projection Headlamp Lenses

Apr 25-2024

As the eyes of the car, automotive projection headlamp plays an important role in the process of driving. However, they inevitably become blurred after a long period of driving. When automotive projec...
25 Apr
Application of Optics in Vehicle Projection Headlamp Design

Apr 17-2024

Under the background of automobile intelligence to further improve driving safety, in order to enhance the interaction between vehicles and pedestrians, the vehicle projection headlamp can play a role...
17 Apr
Enhancing Vehicle Safety with Automotive Projection Headlamps

Apr 09-2024

Headlights have long been considered the eyes of the car, helping drivers and passengers to see the road ahead. But have you ever thought about the changes that would be brought about if these eyes tu...
09 Apr
Exploring the Versatility of Automotive Projection Headlamps

Apr 01-2024

Automotive projection headlamp has the advantages of high brightness, long life, and high efficiency, and is in a rapid popularization period. While improving the comfort and safety of driving, it als...
01 Apr
The Importance Of Vehicle Lens Technology

Mar 28-2024

Vehicle Lens technology is an important aspect of modern vehicles that is often overlooked. Many people do not realize the importance of this technology or how it can improve their driving experience....
28 Mar
Innovations in Modern Vehicle Lenses

Mar 25-2024

In today's fast-paced world, technology is constantly evolving and improving. This is especially true in the automotive industry, where innovations in vehicle design and functionality are changing...
25 Mar
Decoding the Functions of Vehicle Lens

Mar 22-2024

In the intricate design of modern vehicles, the unassuming yet crucial components known as vehicle lenses play a pivotal role in ensuring safety, communication, and visibility on the roads. From headl...
22 Mar

What's New in Sunny Automotive Optech
Exhibition Invitation: Sunny Automotive Optech Welcomes You to the Changchun International Optoelectronic Expo 2024!

Exhibition Invitation: Sunny Automotive Optech Welcomes You to the Changchun International Optoelectronic Expo 2024!


Sunny Automotive Optech Won ‘FORVIA Best Supplier Award’

Sunny Automotive Optech Won ‘FORVIA Best Supplier Award’


New Trend in Intelligent Driving: ADAS Hybrid Lens

New Trend in Intelligent Driving: ADAS Hybrid Lens



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