Camera Monitoring System
Camera Monitoring System
Camera Monitoring System

Camera Monitoring System

Less blind area, larger vision range

Sunny Automotive is the global pioneer in automotive CMS(camera monitoring system) lens field and the first batch of vehicle lens for full display mirror was in mass production in 2014. Sunny Automotive provides various CMS lens solutions to expand the driver's field of view with HD camera system and reduce the blind area of a traditional rearview mirror.

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Camera Monitoring System Advantages
  • Intelligent CMS camera increases the field of vision by an estimated 300% over traditional rearview mirrors. 

  • The camera monitoring system expands the driver's field of view on the basis of traditional rearview mirrors and reduces the rear and side blind areas to make driving safer.

Camera Monitoring System Features

Significant improvement on stray light and ghost from strong lights of headlights

High and uniform resolution create superior visual effect

Special hydrophobic coatings with  a large contact angle are resistant to various harsh environments

Powerful waterproof performance of the car surveillance camera ensures the high-definition imaging effect

Provide various angles options of surveillance camera system to meet different application requirements of FDM(full display mirror) & CMS(camera monitoring system)

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