Sunny Automotive Optech is mastering the most advanced automotive projection headlight technologies and has strong independent design and processing capabilities. Sunny's vehicle projection headlamp products are widely used on cars of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Volvo, etc. Sunny Automotive Optech provides various optical high pixel projection car headlights solutions (projection headlamp and ground projection lamp) and core optical components(lens elements/projection lens/freeform mirror etc.) to achieve intelligent environment interaction.

Projection Headlamp PGU
Projection Headlamp PGU

PGU(picture generate unit)is an important imaging unit and optical module in smart imaging headlamps. Sunny Automotive Optech can provide various optical high pixel PGU solutions depending on requirements.

Ground Projection Unit
Ground Projection Unit

Projection lamp increasingly assumes the function of safe driving and intelligent driving in addition to individual decoration in the future of autonomous driving scenes.

Core Components and Assembly
Projection Lens
Projection Lens

The projection lens is a crucial part of PGU, and will directly affect the projection effect of the projection headlight. Sunny Automotive Optech provides solutions for high pixel projection lens.

OEM Services

Projection Headlamp FAQ

Are Projection Headlamp Worth it?

Projection headlamp combine the anti-glare high beam with automatic control of the irradiation range, the wide low beam with a wider irradiation range when driving at low speeds, and the high-speed mode with longer beam range when driving at high speeds to improve nighttime road condition recognition, to assist the driver to identify dangers and ensure safe driving.

Increased Visibility -  projection headlamps emit more light, allowing you to increase visibility in low-light situations.  

Safety -   projection headlamps contain a sensor that detects oncoming traffic. This enables the lights to dim so that they don't blind other drivers.

Less Distracted Driving -  projection headlamps can automatically adjust to different situations. Thus, drivers don't have to constantly fiddle with the light controls. 

Sunny Automotive Projection Headlamp Module Benefits

1. Stable Imaging at High and Low Temperature

In order to take into account the lighting and projection requirements, the lights often need to use high power light source, then, the temperature will rise obviously, and affect the clarity of the lights;

SUNNY can constantly optimize the lens design by simulation analysis, help lens has excellent thermal compensation performance, to ensure the imaging stability of the lights at high and low temperatures.

2. Stray Light Control

SUNNY has perfect stray light analysis and improvement ability with variety of advanced optical design software, can simulate and predict various optical phenomena accurate.

How Does Projection Headlamp Work?

Projection headlamp has more safety features compared to traditional headlight because it has pixels. It can project patterns and control the beam by area. Projecting complex road sign patterns, crosswalks and other to patterns can achieve a high degree of interaction for V2V, V2P and V2I. And controlling the beams by regions also can ensure the safety of drivers and other traffic participants when vehicles turning and crossing each other.

Projection Headlamp vs Lighting Headlamp

Compared with the traditional lighting headlamp, the projection headlamp adds a new projection module on the basis of illumination. Not only can meet the requirement of road lighting, but also make the light presents the different pattern through the accurate light control system. To provide driving assistance for drivers to enhance the driving experience and safety.

The projection headlamp is an important method for the driver to interact with the outside world, and it is also an important part of intelligent driving in the future.

What is Adaptive Driving Beam?

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) is an intelligent beam system, the main function is to improve the safety of vehicles at night. The glare of traditional headlights can easily dazzle drivers in the opposite lane as they drive past vehicles at night, posing hidden dangers to driving safety. In contrast, the ADB technology judges the position and distance of the car ahead through the input of the signal, and adjusts the light irradiation area accordingly to avoid glaring to the car and at the same time meet the driver's vision requirements to the greatest extent. ADB can improve the image recognition ability of ADAS systems at night, and will become the technical trend of automotive safety lighting. 

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