Transmitting & Receiving Lens
Transmitting & Receiving Lens
Transmitting & Receiving Lens

Transmitting & Receiving Lens

LiDAR lens is a typical optical component of the LiDAR system and is divided into the transmitter lens and the receiver lens. The quality of the transmitter lens and the receiver lens will directly affect the size of the light energy of the detected object, the detection distance and the detection of detailed information. Sunny Automotive Optech is the global pioneer in automotive lens field and provides lens solutions for different LiDAR (Mechanical/MEMS/3D Flash/OPA) to meet the requirements of various LiDAR optical systems.

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Product Application
  • The transmitting and receiving lens is an important optical component for transmitting and receiving the detection beam in the LiDAR system. 

  • It is the basis of converting optical signals into electrical signals.

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