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The Group adheres to the core value of "Create Together" and firmly fulfills three major responsibilities on sustainable development. By setting a series of specific sustainable development goals, building a sustainable development management system, and establishing corresponding assessment indicators, we further deepen the Group's capacity building for sustainable development.


Social Responsibility

We believe that the harmonious development of society requires the joint efforts of everyone and every organization. It has been one of our goals pursued to create a civilized and progressive society with friends from all walks of life and make our own contribution to social development. We believe that enterprises are the cells of society. We grow up thanks to the nurturing of society and shoulder the responsibility of returning the society.


Environmental Responsibility

We believe that enterprise has responsibility, which is imperative, in promoting the sustainable development of the environment. As an enterprise with social responsibility, we fully consider the environmental protection requirements in the operation activities, follow various international environmental protection laws and regulations, and pursue environmental protection and sustainable development through technological innovation and manufacturing reform.


Economic Responsibility

We are willing to actively assume our responsibilities as enterprise citizens on economic development, social security, and cultural education and have been devoted to the progress and sustainable development of the society for the long term.


The Group has set up a series of targets for sustainable development strategies. In addition, each subsidiary has also established management systems on the environment, health and safety, and product quality and sets up targets and conducts appraisals every year based on the requirements of the management systems.

Environmental Aspect

• Reduce the greenhouse gas emission

• Reduce the emission of hazardous wastes

• Save paper

• Save electricity

• Save water

Social Aspect

• No significant safety accidents

• Consistently provide training and development opportunities to employees

• Provide an equal, healthy and safe working environment

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Sunny Automotive Optech wins the “APTIV Supplier Quality Recognition Award”

Sunny Automotive Optech wins the “APTIV Supplier Quality Recognition Award”



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Excellent Customer Service Ability

  • Key customer manager mechanism

  • Oversea supporting points

Excellent Process Control Ability

  • Fully automated production

  • DMC traceability management

  • VDA6.3 / IATF16949 verifications

Excellent R&D Ability

  • Advanced technology new product development cooperation

  • Cost-effective optical solution proposal based on customer needs

  • Ecosystem resource integration