Automotive Lens

Automotive Lens

Automotive lens products cover front view, surround view, rear view, side view, interior view(for gesture recognition/DMS/OMC) and CMS. As one of the professional automotive lens manufacturers, Sunny automotive lens shipment has been over 257 million and these lens are applied in well-known automobile brands. Contact us for more information of automotive lens.

Types of Automotive Lens

Front View Lens
Front View Lens

The global pioneer in automotive front view lens field.
Perfectly match front machine vision application needs and greatly support ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AV (Autonomous Vehicles).

Rear View Lens
Rear View Lens

Strong waterproof and excellent weather resistance.
Guarantee the high definition all day.
Parking is more convenient.

Surround View Lens
Surround View Lens

Large view angle,Large view.
Present a complete car body in a 360-degree view and provide better environment identification.

Interior View Lens
Interior View Lens

Intelligent gesture recognition, better man-machine interaction.
DMS(driver monitoring system)&OMS(occupant monitoring system) greatly reduce the risk of fatigue driving and make driving safer.
Day & Night.

Camera Monitoring System
Camera Monitoring System

FDM (full display mirror) & CMS (camera monitoring system) reduce the blind area of traditional rearview mirror.
Expand the driver's field of view and provide superior visual experience.

Automotive Lens Applications

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