Optical Lens Elements

As one of the best optical lens suppliers, Sunny Automotive Optech has strong and stable supply chain to support optical lens quality and capacity for many car models such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. High precision injection machines, coating machines and testing equipment can ensure high quality optical lens elements for automotive lens supply.

Molding Glass Lens Elements
Molding Glass Lens Elements

Sunny Automotive Optech has nearly 20 years of design and processing experience, we can optimally seek a cost balance between design and processing from the product principle and obtain an optimized solution between performance and cost to the greatest extent.

Glass Spherical Lens Elements
Glass Spherical Lens Elements

Sunny Automotive Optech has the world's largest processing supply capacity for glass lens elements and has over 30 years' manufacturing experience for optical spherical lens elements with various shapes and special materials.

Plastic Aspheric Lens Elements
Plastic Aspheric Lens Elements

Over 20 years' manufacturing experience perfects Sunny process technology and quality control ability. Sunny Automotive Optech is mastering mould design, process and coating technology, multi-cavity mold processing technology at the forefront of the industry.

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