What is a Head-up Display in a Car? How to Install It?

Ⅰ. What car has a head-up display?

Cars that have heads up displays include: BMW 5 series li, Peugeot 3008, Peugeot 508, Audi a6, Audi a7, Lexus gs, etc. The head-up display is referred to as vehicle hud, also known as the parallel display system, which refers to the driver-centered, blind-operated, multi-functional instrument panel.

Its function is to project the driving information of the speed and navigation on the windshield in front of the driver, so that the driver can see it without looking down or turning his head. Taking the 2021 Audi a6 as an example, its body dimensions are: 4951mm long, 1886mm wide, 1483mm high, 2925mm wheelbase, and 73l fuel tank volume.

Ⅱ. How to add a head-up display to a car?

1. What is a heads up display in a car?

Automotive HUD, also known as head-up display, is a flight auxiliary instrument commonly used in aircraft. It is a comprehensive electronic display device composed of electronic components, display components, controllers, and high-voltage power supplies.

It can project flight parameters, aiming attack, self-detection and other information in the form of images and characters through optical components to the optical/electrical display device on the combined glass in front of the cockpit. When the pilot observes the scene outside the cabin through the combined glass, he can see the characters, images and other information superimposed on the scene at the same time.

The basic structure of HUD consists of two parts: data processing and image display. The data processing unit integrates and processes the data of various systems on the aircraft, and then converts them into preset symbols according to the selected mode, and the graphics are output in the form of text or numbers. Some products separate the signal processing and image output into two devices, but generally work in a similar way.

2. Add a head-up display to the car

(1) First connect one end of the OBD interface cable to the OBD interface of the car, and then connect the other end to the interface of the device;

(2) After connecting, read the information data of the car within 5 seconds. After the data is successfully read, place the device flat on the anti-skid film;

(3) Then it can be projected onto the front windshield at will, generally displaying vehicle speed, rotational speed, fuel consumption, water temperature, voltage and other auxiliary driving.

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