What is Car Hud?

In recent years, driven by the wave of intelligent electrification in the automotive industry, car huds have ushered in rapid growth. Relevant statistics show that the loading rate of HUDs in 2020 is only 4%, and by the end of 2021, this figure will reach 6.8%. At the same time, with the cost effect brought by the mass production of HUD, products equipped with this configuration are also penetrating from high-end cars to the low-end market.

1. What is a HUD in a car?

The car hud is also known as the head-up display system, but the display content is divided into color and monochrome. It is reflected by the LED light source through the four sets of lenses behind the instrument panel to project the image on the improved front windscreen. Through the positioning technology of the automotive lens, the image finally seems to float on the hood of the car, about 2 meters away from the driver's eyes, so that the driver can see various driving information at any time without lowering his head, as well as navigation and road conditions guidance, etc. Thereby, driving safety can be improved.

2. What is the use of HUD?

Car huds were first introduced from airplanes. Mainly display the following:

1) Vehicle driving information

2) Navigation guide

3) Lane Departure Warning

4) Intelligent identification of traffic signs

5) Pedestrian collision warning

6) Forward Collision Warning

3. Product types of the car hud

As the third visual display screen in the car besides the central control screen and the instrument panel, the car hud is extremely important for the convenience and safety of driving.

From the perspective of HUD product types, there are currently three major types of HUD products: C-HUD, W-HUD and AR-HUD. Among them, C-HUD has gradually withdrawn from the market, and W-HUD has been selected due to its lower cost and good economy. Large-scale adoption, it accounts for up to 90% of the car hud market. However, with the popularity of ADAS, the degree of intelligence of automotive products is getting higher and higher, which puts forward higher technical requirements for HUD products, and AR-HUD is significantly higher than W-HUD in terms of technical content, so is being gradually introduced into the market.

AR-HUD uses millimeter-wave radar, camera, infrared sensor and other sensor devices, so in addition to displaying information such as navigation, stopwatch, and traffic alerts required by previous HUDs, it can also display road conditions, pedestrians, traffic signals, etc. Therefore, the imaging area is larger, the projection distance is longer, and it is more closely integrated with the real road environment, and it also helps to reduce the fatigue of the driver's eyes.

4. What does HUD stand for in cars?

The windshield hud display means drivers  always can see the important traffic information (like, navigation, speed, ADAS messages, etc.) that driver want and without looking down. This function would largely improve driving safety and convenience, and make a new leap forward in automotive technology. Meanwhile, with the continuous expansion of the imaging area, HUD can further dispaly more entertainment infomation, which brings drivers an immersive interactive experience that links virtual and real world.

5. What cars have hud display?

At present, the automobile industry is developing towards intelligence.  Usually, the mid-to-high-end luxury cars with intelligenization have HUD Display. And HUD Display is a standard configuration in the concept of the intelligent cockpit. BMW 5X Li, Lexus GS, Audi A6 & A7, and etc can be examples in the current market. In a word, the more comprehensive the HUD functions, the higher the production cost of the car, and thus the more expensive the car will be.

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