Sunny Automotive Optech wins the “APTIV Supplier Quality Recognition Award”

On October 27, 2023, APTIV held its 2023 Asia-Pacific Supplier Quality Conference at the Suzhou Technology Center, and Sunny Automotive Optech was invited to participate.


APTIV ranks among the top 13 globally in the automotive parts industry, with a mission to achieve zero deaths, zero injuries, and zero accidents, and is known for its pursuit of ultimate quality. This supplier conference was APTIV’s first supplier meeting since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019. It invited all institutions and optical parts suppliers from the Asia-Pacific region to attend, with only two outstanding suppliers selected to receive awards.


Sunny Automotive Optech was awarded the “APTIV Supplier Quality Recognition Award” by APTIV in recognition of its consistently excellent product quality over the years. General Manager Mr. Winwe Qiu and Sales Director Sally Pan represented the company to receive the award.

At the meeting, the customer spoke highly of Sunny Automotive Optech’s role as a strategic partner for APTIV’s lens supply over the years. They fully recognized the efforts and continuous improvements made by Sunny Automotive Optech, as a leading lens supplier in the industry, to ensure product quality stability. By constantly challenging and setting new standards within the industry, Sunny Automotive Optech has raised the bar on product and service quality, exceeding customer expectations.

In the future, Sunny Automotive Optech will steadfastly implement the “Best Supporting Actor Strategy,” seize opportunities for deep collaboration, strengthen and optimize quality management, and continuously provide customers with competitive products and services. By advancing side by side with our customers, we will achieve a win-win situation in the fierce market competition.

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