New Trend in Intelligent Driving: ADAS Hybrid Lens

Sunny Automotive Optech, a renowned global leader in automotive lenses, remains dedicated to advancing and enhancing its glass-plastic technology within high-end ADAS lens products amid heightened market competition. Notably, it stands as the sole automotive lens manufacturer globally with mass production capabilities for ADAS hybrid lenses.



In 2012, Sunny Automotive Optics achieved a milestone by successfully mass-producing the world's inaugural ADAS hybrid lens. Over the subsequent decade, the company has consistently enhanced ADAS automotive lenses, incorporating additional plastic lens elements and achieving higher pixel resolutions. As of December 31, 2023, Sunny Automotive Optech's ADAS hybrid lenses have been integrated into more than 34 million vehicles worldwide. This accomplishment has garnered widespread recognition from the market and customers, spanning over a decade. The lenses are extensively utilized by renowned automobile brands, including Audi, General Motors, Volkswagen, Daimler, Toyota, and others.


Glass-plastic hybrid lenses find extensive application in rear-view and surround-view automotive cameras, primarily due to their exceptional cost-effectiveness. While ADAS lenses demand superior performance stability and reliability, achieving these criteria with plastic lens elements poses technical challenges. Typically, the industry opts for an all-glass solution for ADAS lenses. In contrast, ADAS hybrid lenses offer compelling advantages—they come at a lower cost, potentially enabling over a 50% reduction in costs for comparable products, and are lighter in weight. Moreover, the production of plastic lens elements through injection molding is particularly well-suited for large-scale production, further enhancing the commercial appeal of ADAS hybrid lenses.

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Ningbo Sunny Automotive Optech Co., Ltd. is a core subsidiary of Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. The company prioritizes offering customers competitive products and services, thereby making cars smarter with the help of sight and ensuring the safety and comfort of their users.

Since entering the field of automotive lenses in 2004, Sunny Automotive Optech has become the world's leading manufacturer of automotive lenses in 2012, with a global market share of the first position (data source: Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd. 2022 report). Currently, the company's business covers three major application areas: automotive cameras, LiDAR, and projection displays. Sunny is gradually transforming from optical and mechanical products to comprehensive optical-electro-mechanical computing products.

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New Trend in Intelligent Driving: ADAS Hybrid Lens

New Trend in Intelligent Driving: ADAS Hybrid Lens


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