What is a Wide-angle Lens?

The wide-angle lens is also known as the short lens or rear view lens. A wide-angle lens has a shorter focal length than a standard lens, a wider field of view than a standard lens, a longer focal length than a fisheye lens, and a narrower field of view than a fisheye lens and a wide-angle lens.

Take the picture with a wide-angle lens. Both the central subject and the foreground can be highlighted, and there can be a wide range of backgrounds. It is possible to shoot more scenes in a narrower environment, and at the same shooting distance, the obtained scenes are narrower than those shot with a standard lens. When shooting a close scene, perspective distortion will appear, and the distance between the front and back of the scene will also increase.

In the automotive lens industry, wide-angle lenses are widely used in car recorder front-view cameras, car rear-view cameras, car panoramic cameras, surveillance cameras, etc.

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What is a Wide-angle Lens?

What is a Wide-angle Lens?


About Automotive LiDAR Technology

About Automotive LiDAR Technology


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