What Exactly Are Automotive Lenses and Their Coatings?

1. What is an automotive lens?

The automotive lens is an integral part of the imaging system of the vehicle camera and is the key to the imaging quality. Generally speaking, an automotive lens consists of a lens, a spacer and a lens barrel. The lens is an important factor affecting the amount of light entering. It consists of multiple layers of lenses. The main factors affecting its quality are the material (glass or plastic) and the coating.

In optical lenses, automotive lens coating is an essential process. We need to increase the light transmittance of the lens surface of the automotive lens, reduce flare and ghosting, and achieve color balance by coating. In addition, the outer layer of the lens must have a protective oil- and scratch-resistant coating.

2. Coating of automotive lens

Automotive lens coatings are mainly used to treat the surface of automotive lenses and filters. The principle is to set a very thin transparent film on the lens through vacuum deposition technology, the main function is to increase the penetration of light.

The benefits of automotive lens coating are to improve transmittance and control glare. Usually single-coated lenses are blue-violet or red, and multi-coated lenses are pale green or dark purple. Generally, manufacturers consider the durability of the coating, and the outer coating has the properties of scratch resistance and oil resistance.

During the coating process, automotive lenses have high requirements for reliability and environmental measurements.

In order to control the ghosting caused by strong light interference in the front such as headlights, maintain the stability of optical imaging under the condition of individual temperature or short-term rapid temperature difference, and how to capture and distinguish the details of objects more effectively, higher requirements are placed on the coating technology of automotive lenses.

Manufacturers are actively promoting the overall technological progress of vehicle lens products by improving coating technology and technical parameters. In the process of automotive lens coating, it has a significant effect on strengthening the compactness of the film layer and improving the process effect.

Automotive lens products cover lenses for automotive surround view, front view, rear view, side view, inner view (for gesture recognition/DMS/OMC) and CMS. As one of the professional automotive lens manufacturers, Sunny's automotive lens shipments have exceeded 257 million pieces, which are used in well-known car brands.

Ningbo Sunny Automotive Optech Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of SUNNY OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY(GROUP) CO., LTD, dedicated to providing optical solutions for autonomous driving and intelligent driving. We have 30 years of optical experience and 18 years of automotive lens experience, and our market share has reached the world's top 1 for 10 consecutive years since 2012. Welcome to consult.

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