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In the past ten years, the answer given by Ningbo Sunny Automotive Optech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sunny Inside) is: automotive lens. This kind of "automotive lens" refers to the optical lens installed on the car to realize various functions, mainly including interior view lens, rear view lens, front view lens, side view lens, surround view lens, etc.

1. What is the key to Sunny Inside's leadership in the field of automotive lens?

In the automotive industry, "vehicle grade" is a noun for grading quality. Generally speaking, the working temperature required by the vehicle is at least -40 degrees to 85 degrees, which is beyond the reach of ordinary consumer products. For another example, the normal car life cycle is 5 years or more, while many consumer products are only 1 year.

When it first entered the field of automotive lenses, Sunny Inside has been making technical reserves and certification of vehicle regulations, so that lenses can move from consumer-grade to car-grade. At that time, the reliability experiment had not yet taken shape. At the beginning, the market still used automotive lenses as ordinary lenses, but this obviously could not meet the standard of car-level. In order to meet the standard, Sunny Inside will repeatedly test a lens at that time, and it will only be shipped if it passes the test many times.

After two years of exploration, Sunny Inside has developed products that meet the market and customer requirements. In order to better focus on the automotive market and automotive lens business, in 2008, Sunny Inside was established, and Sunny's automotive lens business began to go on the right track. The following ten years have been a period of rapid growth of Sunny's automotive optics in the automotive market. Since 2012, Sunny Inside's automotive lens market share has been the world's first for seven consecutive years.

Sunny Inside attributes the key to success to two points:

The first is "focusing". From 2008 to 2018, Sunny Inside only made automotive lenses in optics. Sunny is almost the only company in the world that only makes automotive lenses, and makes it the ultimate.

The second is "micro-innovation". In the past ten years, Sunny Inside has been focusing on automotive lenses. With a lot of technical precipitation, a lot of "micro-innovations" have also been accumulated in design, material selection, process technology, testing, and management processes.

There is another key point: Sunny Inside entered this field early - this allows Sunny Inside enough time to explore and carry out technical precipitation, truly understand customer needs, and tap product application needs.

2. In addition to automotive lens, what can Sunny Inside do in the next 10 years around "automobile + optics"?

The answer given by Sunny Inside is: HUD, lidar and headlight lighting.

Other automotive sensors related to autonomous driving, lidar, HUD, and projection headlight are also inseparable from optical components. So we decided to go into these product areas. But whether it is HUD or lidar, Sunny Inside is all about optics, which is our core advantage.

In the field of new products (HUD, lidar, headlight lighting), there are two obvious features:

Optical components are more abundant, instead of conventional spherical glass, plastic aspherical and glass aspherical surfaces, Sunny Inside provides special optical components such as projection lenses, free-form mirrors, homogenizers, polygonal prisms, and LiDAR windows.

The cooperation model is more free. For example, there will be an imaging system (PGU) in the HUD/projection headlight. Sunny Inside can provide customers with core optical components, PGU, the entire optomechanical system, and more about how to propose optical solutions based on customer needs to help customers.

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Sunny Automotive Optech wins the “APTIV Supplier Quality Recognition Award”

Sunny Automotive Optech wins the “APTIV Supplier Quality Recognition Award”



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