Vehicle Lens Helps Autonomous Driving

Development trend of vehicle lens

Among all automotive sensors, vehicle lenses are one of the most important sensors for autonomous driving. As the most important optical component, the camera lens represents both opportunities and challenges.

The current industry situation is that the threshold for low-end vehicle lens is low, and market competition is intense; the industry threshold for high-end vehicle lens is high, with difficulties in designing and producing, and the market competition is not as intense as that of the low-end market. However, in recent years, the competition in the high-end market has also increased significantly.

Especially for the increasing demand for ADAS, the number of vehicle lenses will continue to increase.

The era of autonomous driving for vehicle lens

The common structure of vehicle lens currently is plastic + spherical lenses. However, as camera resolution develops and demand for miniaturized lenses increases, non-spherical glass is gradually becoming the trend.

Compared to spherical and plastic lenses, non-spherical glass is not only more stable, but also has better optical performance. With equivalent performance, it is possible to simplify and compress the number of lenses, greatly reducing the volume of the lens.

For internal view cameras, this is even more critical. Small-sized internal view cameras will not make the driver and passengers feel monitored, providing a better driving experience. Currently, lenses using non-spherical glass are preferred in the market.

The arrival of the era of autonomous driving represents both opportunities and challenges. To achieve high-quality and cost-effective products in the future for the middle and high-end markets, it is necessary to re-evaluate the supply chain, reduce the cost of non-spherical glass, and conduct customized development to meet the needs of different customers.

Sunny has more than 20 years of experience in lens production, and has accumulated excellent technological capabilities and complete quality control capabilities. It independently masters the technology from mold design and processing to molding and coating, and its unique one-out-multi-mode processing technology is among the world's leading. Numerous high-precision molding machines, coating machines and inspection equipment guarantee the production and supply of high-quality plastic non-spherical lenses.

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