The Difficulty of Molding Lens Elements

As people's requirements for optical imaging are getting higher and higher, and optical components are becoming more and more complex and high-precision, the traditional grinding process is difficult to meet in terms of economic benefits and production conditions. The emergence of the molded glass process has greatly increased the manufacturing cost of optical glass lenses.

It has been widely used in this process, which is essentially a thermoforming method. Generally, the glass preform is softened at high temperature through a precision forming mold, and then made by pressing a mold core, which has good economic benefits after being realized.

The design and processing of the mold is its core obstacle. Although the complexity of the mold is relatively simple compared to plastic lenses, high-precision processing and ultra-high temperature resistance are required during the molding process, which determines the key to the process. Molds involve a lot of precision technology. It directly affects the yield and optical performance of the glass lens.

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The Difficulty of Molding Lens Elements

The Difficulty of Molding Lens Elements


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