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Sunny Automotive won the third prize of the 2019 Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Award

Recently, the Ningbo Municipal People's Government announced the 2019 Ningbo Science and Technology Award List. The "R&D and Industrialization of Ultra-Large Field of Vision DMS" declared by Sunny Automotive won the third prize.
    The project was completed by seven R&D personnel of the company. The application of the ultra-large field miniaturized DMS developed by the project solved the blind area of the traditional rear view of the car, and effectively reduced the wind resistance while obtaining a larger field of view, so as to improve the safety performance of the car during driving.

The successful of the project has not only brought significant economic and social benefits to the company, but also provided strong support for the company to accumulate technical strength, break through technical barriers and gain the dominant power in the market.

As a national single champion demonstration enterprise and a high-tech enterprise, Sunny Automotive has always attached great importance to technology research and development and technological innovation. Even under the influence of this year's epidemic, company's R&D investment still maintains a growth trend and continues to make new progress in the development of new areas of vehicle. In the next step, the company will continue to promote the development of new technologies, new products and new fields,committed to achieving the goal of 100 billion yuan.

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