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Sunny Automotive was selected into 2019 Zhejiang Provincial Innovative Leading Enterprise Cultivation List

Recently, the 2019 Zhejiang Provincial Innovative Leading Enterprise List was announced, only 5 enterprises in Yuyao City were included in the cultivation list, Sunny Automotive is one of them.

What is innovative leading enterprises

Innovative leading enterprises are core high-tech enterprises with strong innovation ability, Strong leading ability, high level of research and development and have good development potential.
Innovation is the primary driving force for development. As the main body of technological innovation, enterprises are the leading force of innovation. Since its establishment, Sunny Automotive has been committed to providing optical solutions based on autonomous driving and intelligent driving. Currently, it is the world's largest automotive lens provider with outstanding quality.

Sunny Automotive has 30 years’ optical experience and 14years’ automotive lens experience,it always adheres to innovation, actively promotes international technical cooperation, constantly innovates and develops science and technology, continuously improves and optimizes the process, and vigorously promotes the research and development and innovation in automotive field.

Sunny Automotive was selected into Zhejiang Innovative Leading Enterprise Cultivation List, which is the affirmation of our innovation ability. Our company will further increase R&D investment, strengthen core technology research and innovation, accelerate the development of the science and technology industry.

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We Have Excellent R&D Ability

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