Market Development and Technology Upgrade of Automotive Lens

1. The market prospect of automotive lens is huge

In recent years, with the upgrading of automobile intelligence, various car companies are upgrading from low-level autonomous driving to high-level. Autonomous driving will put higher requirements on active safety functions such as vehicle safety, pedestrian safety, and driver monitoring, and ADAS penetration will inevitably accelerate.

There are more and more automotive lenses in various models. But basically there will be a basic configuration of at least one ADAS front-view lens and four surround-view lenses. If coupled with the driver monitoring camera that has been paid more and more attention in recent years, it is foreseeable that in the next few years, at least 6 cameras will be required in the car, and the market prospect is huge.

2. The safety of the car lens is based on the continuous upgrading of technology

Compared with consumer electronic lenses, the working environment of automotive lenses is extremely harsh, such as vibration, high temperature, rain and fog, low temperature, and severe light changes. For the purpose of driving safety, the car lens needs to be able to obtain stable, reliable and clear surrounding environment data under each of the above working states.

Therefore, with the improvement of automotive industry technology, the relevant performance requirements of automotive lenses will become more and more stringent.

According to the "Automotive Lens Industry Standards" issued in 2019, automotive lenses are required to work continuously in an environment of -40°C to 85°C, not be affected by moisture immersion, anti-magnetic and shock-resistant, and have a service life of 8 to 10 years. In addition, for safety reasons, the car lens needs to be guaranteed to work even if the power supply is interrupted for a short time.

In addition, features such as high dynamic range, night vision, and LED flicker suppression will continue to gain popularity.

At present, the functions of automotive lenses require them to have the following performance: automotive lenses often need to have night vision functions, which can suppress noise during low-light photography, and still have excellent performance in low-light conditions. The horizontal viewing angle is expanded to 25°~135°, to achieve wide angle and high resolution around the image.

Ningbo Sunny Automotive Optech Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of SUNNY OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY(GROUP) CO., LTD, dedicated to providing optical solutions for autonomous driving and intelligent driving. We have more than 30 years of optical experience and 18 years of automotive lens experience, and our market share has reached the world's top 1 for 10 consecutive years since 2012.

Currently, Sunny Automotive Optech's automotive products cover 4 application areas: automotive lenses, lidar, HUD and projection headlight. Welcome to consult.

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