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MACHINE ONE laser project has been signed and settled in CEEC International Industrial Cooperation Park

On June 9, 2021, China-CEEC Industrial Cooperation Matchmaking Conference was held in Yuyao, Ningbo. Representatives of officials in china from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia etc. gathered together to jointly promote the construction of China-CEEC economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone. QWW, general manager of Sunny Automotive Optech, attended the matchmaking meeting on behalf of the company.

At the meeting, a total of 17 projects were signed and settled in the CEEC International Industrial Cooperation Park, with a total investment of 7.83 billion yuan, including the Machine One laser project led by Sunny Automotive Optech.

The signing and settlement of Sunny Optech's MACHINE ONE laser project in the cooperation park will deepen the company’s Industrial cooperation matchmaking with cities in CEEC, accelerate the company's industrial cooperation with urban enterprises in CEEC, and achieve a higher level of two-way integration development. In the future, the company will actively use the platform of the China-CEEC Industrial Cooperation Matchmaking Conference to promote the matchmaking between the company and CEEC enterprises, seize and make good use of new development opportunities, and write a new chapter in win-win development.

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