Automotive Lens: the Eyes of Autonomous Driving!

The automotive lens is known as the "eye of autonomous driving" and is the core sensing device in the field of ADAS systems and automotive autonomous driving. The acquisition function of image information is mainly realized through the lens and image sensor, which can realize 360° visual perception and make up for the defects of radar in object recognition. It is the sensor closest to human vision.

1. Application of automotive lens

Automotive lenses are widely used in the automotive field, from early use for driving records, reversing images, and parking surround views to intelligent cockpit behavior recognition and ADAS-assisted driving, with increasingly rich application scenarios.

At present, the CR3 of the global automotive lens industry is 41%, and the top ten companies in the world occupy 96% of the market share. The global automotive lens industry concentration is at a high level.

The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) predicts that by 2030, nearly 50 percent of vehicles will be equipped with ADAS technology.

2. The future market development of automotive lenses

According to ICVTank, the scale of China's automotive lens industry is expected to reach 23 billion by 2025, with a 5-year CAGR of 30%; the global automotive lens market is expected to grow from US$11.2 billion in 2019 to US$27 billion in 2025, with a 5-year CAGR of 30%. 15.8%.

Autonomous driving includes perception, judgment and execution, and perception is the source of the entire process and an important module of the autonomous driving system. During the driving process of the vehicle, the perception system will collect the information of the surrounding environment through sensors in real time, which is equivalent to the "eyes" of the self-driving car, which can help the car to achieve the same observation ability as the human driver.

In autonomous vehicles, the perception system is mainly composed of sensors such as lenses, millimeter-wave radars, and lidars. As the main environmental perception sensor, the lens plays a very important role. It can achieve 360° comprehensive visual perception and make up for the shortcomings of radar in object recognition. It is the sensor closest to human vision. Therefore, the automotive lens is one of the key equipment in the field of autonomous driving.

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