Automotive LiDAR

Automotive LiDAR

Sunny Automotive is the global leading LiDAR optical solution provider that masters the LiDAR market trends and the most advanced automotive LiDAR technology. With mass production experience, sunny automotive can provide optical solutions of different LiDAR(Mechanical LiDAR/MEMS LiDAR /3D Flash LiDAR/OPA LiDAR)and core optical components(optical window/transmitting and receiving lens /scanning parts-polygon). Smart Eye makes driving safer and more comfortable.

Transmitting & Receiving Module
Transmitting & Receiving Module

The transmitting & receiving module is an core assembly part in LiDAR system. Sunny Automotive can provide LiDAR module solutions for different LiDAR(Mechanical/MEMS/3D Flash/OPA) .

Core Components and Assembly
Transmitting & Receiving Lens
Transmitting & Receiving Lens

LiDAR lens is divided into the transmitting end lens and the receiving end lens.
Sunny Automotive is the global pioneer in the automotive lens field and provides lens solutions for different LiDAR(Mechanical/MEMS/3D Flash/OPA) to meet the requirements of various LiDAR optical systems.

Optical Window
Optical Window

Optical window is the typical optical components of the LiDAR system and plays an important role in the operation of LiDAR systems, which could not only protect the inner components but also be involved in the operation.
Sunny Automotive masters mold design, process and coating technology and can process LiDAR window for high optical precision and high transmittance.


Polygon is core optical componets of LiDAR for beam shaping, which directly affects the performance of beam detection and receiving. Sunny Automotive can provide a variety of shape and material (plastic/glass) polygon products to meet different customer needs.


LiDAR diffuser are important beam shaping componets in LiDAR emitter. Sunny Automotive can provide excellent light uniformity LiDAR diffuser products.

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