Transmitting & Receiving Module
Transmitting & Receiving Module
Transmitting & Receiving Module

Transmitting & Receiving Module

The LiDAR transmitting & receiving module is an core module assembly part in LiDAR system. Sunny Automotive can provide  LiDAR module solutions for different LiDAR(Mechanical/MEMS/3D Flash/OPA) .

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LiDAR Transmitter and Receiver Module Application

The LiDAR receiver module and LiDAR transmitting module are important photoelectric conversion center in the LiDAR system. The quality of the transmitter receiver module will affect the energy of the detected object, the detection distance and the detection of detailed information.

How does a LiDAR transmitter and receiver module work?

LiDAR system is a ranging device for measuring the distance to a target, which mainly consists of a transmitting module, a receiving module and a scanning module. The LiDAR transmitting module generates and emits light energy, hits the object and reflects it back, which is received by the LiDAR receiving module, and then the chip converts the light signal into electrical signal and forms a point cloud image through the background processor. Finally, the vehicle goes to make driving judgments based on the point cloud data. Because the machine can see farther and get more information than the human, driving judgments made by relying on LiDAR can effectively improve driving safety.

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